Short biography


She was born in Lisbon.
Graduated in Law.
Master in Literature.
PhD in Philosophy.
Author of children’s books and poetry.
Delighted by nature, by truth, by beauty, by Good.
Always arising to fantasy and freedom.

She was a 2.600Kg baby when she was born, and wept through all her dawns.
When she was 3 years old, jumping in her bed, she thought she would like
to be a ballet dancer.
She didn’t go to school until she was 6, staying with her mother at home
surrounded by a creative freedom based on a lot of affection.
With 6 years-old, she went to a private religious school with a statue of
the Virgin Mary in the schoolyard.
This turning point was a challenge for her, a trap from the fairies that
she had to face. And she faced it, although always crying when asking the
teacher if her parents would come and pick her up at the end of the day…
She felt the noise in the playground was strange. Her spirit was more
silent, almost like made up of crystal.
She was a contemplative, calm and somehow enigmatic little girl.
Once, when her colleagues stole all of her colored pencils, she continued
her drawing with a single charcoal… At the school library, when a nun
asked her why she was always reading the same book (Anita at the Ballet)
she answered: “Because a book never ends”.
She danced ballet. She was afraid of expressing her thoughts. She was
afraid of feeling.
She read her essays out loud for her colleagues in the classroom, making
up new words at the moment (apart from the ones she had written). No one
ever noticed!
At Law School, she imagined life, and therefore always preferred Natural
Law over Positive Law.
Philosophy was always her stronger inner voice. A way to get a deeper
dimension out of life. A beat coming from the bottom of the heart.
She searched it later on in a PhD. She never gave it up, so that
philosophy would never give her up too.
Music puts order in her life and in her heart most of the times!
Happiness never deceived her too much. When someone tries to change it,
her freedom strengthens even harder.